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Yogurt can be sour, sweet, creamy or fruity. And all of these tastes possible to have within just one product - yogurt. Drink or eat - not really important. But too healthy - yeah!

Yo-Gurt is the company what producing healthy drinks and meals for you to keep your health and make it even better. We know all about filipino foods and we can say that our meals are good for everybody.

Yogurt contain vitamins, calcium and microelements what will give you good results of eating it. It also makes your body healthy. It's not a joke!

Also, yogurt and our other products can help you to fight with many illnesses like diabetes, heart problems, digestive problems, bone problems and obesity. You should know, our body really needs it!

We are producing not only yogurt but also yogurt and milk based drinks such as smoothie, ayran and many more. We are also producing sweetened curd what can be perfect meal for you and your whole family!